Friday, January 8, 2010

2 Timothy 2:9

"I suffer trouble . . . even to the point of chains; but the Word of God is not chained. —2 Timothy 2:9"

"For some of us, circumstances may have isolated us from others. Lying in a hospital bed, serving time in a prison, or being a shut-in can make us feel that we are experiencing our own “locked-in syndrome.” If this is true for you, why not prayerfully reflect on some ways you can still reach out to others. — Dennis Fisher" (Our daily bread)

I experience that "locked-in syndrome" before, and learn a lot from that. Although I cant change my ways of behaving and communicate with friends in a month or two, feel lonely, feel apart among them. But after the locked in, every bad emotion I feel during the hang out seem pointless. I may not be join them in communication, but I can pay attention to what they said and maybe sometime helps to repeat to others who cant catch up.

My brain and body sometimes is unlinked. When I was having my driving lesson now, my brain remembers what to do, but my body parts cant cooperate with one and another to make the right move at the right time. Even my brain and body will behave like this, how can I be sure that the same thing will not happen when I communicate with others? We might have some quarrels with others in certain aspects, but not all of them. These aspects are like a double edge blades; one edge facing him and one edge facing me. If we continue to go on, we will both be hurt by the blade and cant be friends; If we back up, the blade will not hurt anyone and we can continue be friends.

"No deed is too small when done for Christ." (Our daily bread).

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