Thursday, November 24, 2011


A song to share with you all. =) God bless all. =)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Lord's Prayer

Our Heavenly Father,
Hallow be Your name.
Your kingdom come,
Your will be done,
On Earth as in Heaven.
Give us today our daily bread,
Forgive us of our sins,
As we forgive those who sin against us.
Do not bring us to the time of trial,
But Deliver us from evil.
For the kingdom , the power, the glory,
Are Yours.
Now and forever.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What i have learnt.

It is really been a long time before I update this group blog. I wonder how is everyone going ? I'm currently having my study break. However, I already in my holiday mood.

Yesterday, my friend told me she was scare and down due to upcoming exams. She is the type of people that need to prepare early so she prepare early. But the subject is not as easy as it is, so she got beaten down. We're chatting on msn and she told me about it. I told her to pray for wisdom and strength. She reply me what is the use of praying last minute? Will God grant me wisdom so last minute? Well, my reply is YES. I admit I'm not a committed Christian like many others, but what I learn from bible is that YES, HE WILL GRANT U WISDOM IF YOU ASK FOR IT.. I told her, even those who believe in God last minute before they died, they will still go to heaven. Then I went to find the verse and post on her wall.

This is what I posted:
"你们祈求,就给你们;寻找,就寻见;叩门,就给你们开门。因为凡祈求的,就得着;寻找的,就寻见;叩门的,就给他开门。" 你们中间谁会有儿子求饼,反给他石头呢?求鱼,反给他蛇呢?你们虽然不好,尚且知道拿好东西给儿女,何况你们在天上的父,岂不更把好东西给求他的人吗? --- 马太福音 7章:7-11节

Indeed, we scare to ask from God cause we sinned, we feel shy, we feel guilty, and we though He wouldn't grant us. But the fact is that, we didn't ask for it.

Good luck to everyone who is having exams. God bless you all. ^_^

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It's been quite a long time since I last update this blog. I didn't see any recent updates.. Is it me or I already started to forget about this blog..

There is a lot of changes recently. I still thank God for everything He have given me. I was rescued, recruited by Him. When I first enter City Light Methodist Church, I get to know God. I am a born christian but I never really been to church by my own will before I went to Melbourne. When I first step into the church, I feel strange by the environment, but not the surrounding.. A place and feeling I long lost, long forgotten. First time ever, I feel so many caring around in place. At first, I take it easily and didn't pay attention to anything. But now I know I am blessed.

When I'm back from Melbourne, without going to church. My friend, Shirley bring me to her church. I feel the love around but maybe not too familiar so I didn't go as often. When my sister, Peggy, brings me to FCC for album launching, I meet a lot of new friends and listen to the talents of music by God to them. After that, I been to FCC for a few times. After my birthday, I joined Faith Station. I get to know a few people from Taylor's. We chat, We talk, We laugh, we shared. Even though, we are not all that familiar, that close, but we shared a bond that can't be broken, a bond by Jesus Christ.

Recently, I have to make a decision on whether to go Brisbane next year or not. Meaning I will have to leave them.. My Faith station. I can't imagine a week without them. But this is a decision I have to make.

God bless me with the wisdom to decide. Grant me the wisdom, lord. Let me make a decision that suits you, Lord. Please, Bless me Lord..

Friday, August 13, 2010

Long time

It's been a long time since I last update. It is not that I'm busy but is just an excuse for me to not update this blog since to me, no one will watch this blog. Today I came home early and on facebook for quite a while. I saw someone post this youtube video and it touches me. I cant stop myself to go click on other related video. This video really touches me. The video does not require high technology, or high level of drawing skills and animation. Just some simple words, with simple music and simple animation. That is all it takes to touches a person heart. I hope you all will enjoy this video as i do .. God bless you all .

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Heavenly Father,
Thank you Lord for the things you have done for us. Thank you Lord for giving us such a wonderful and blessed day. Father, please bless us in our studies, our career, our life, our health and our future. We leave all in Lord's hand. Lord, please guide us and protect us from danger. Tomorrow we planned a outing. Lord, please bless us and let us have a wonderful time gathering. Please guide us and lead us in your way, Lord. We leave all the burdens, the joys, the sick, and everything we have in Lord's hand. Please guide us, Lord. Thank you Lord for listening to our prayer. In Jesus name we pray. Amen...