Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It's been quite a long time since I last update this blog. I didn't see any recent updates.. Is it me or I already started to forget about this blog..

There is a lot of changes recently. I still thank God for everything He have given me. I was rescued, recruited by Him. When I first enter City Light Methodist Church, I get to know God. I am a born christian but I never really been to church by my own will before I went to Melbourne. When I first step into the church, I feel strange by the environment, but not the surrounding.. A place and feeling I long lost, long forgotten. First time ever, I feel so many caring around in place. At first, I take it easily and didn't pay attention to anything. But now I know I am blessed.

When I'm back from Melbourne, without going to church. My friend, Shirley bring me to her church. I feel the love around but maybe not too familiar so I didn't go as often. When my sister, Peggy, brings me to FCC for album launching, I meet a lot of new friends and listen to the talents of music by God to them. After that, I been to FCC for a few times. After my birthday, I joined Faith Station. I get to know a few people from Taylor's. We chat, We talk, We laugh, we shared. Even though, we are not all that familiar, that close, but we shared a bond that can't be broken, a bond by Jesus Christ.

Recently, I have to make a decision on whether to go Brisbane next year or not. Meaning I will have to leave them.. My Faith station. I can't imagine a week without them. But this is a decision I have to make.

God bless me with the wisdom to decide. Grant me the wisdom, lord. Let me make a decision that suits you, Lord. Please, Bless me Lord..

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