Wednesday, January 13, 2010


"I have fought a good fight, I have finished the race,I have keep the faith."-2 Timothy 4:7

How are you all recently ??? Didn't keep in touch with you all. Sorry about that. I currently was still learning to drive car and unlike most boys, I scare of it, especially when it is out to the road. I am scare. So many times , an idea come to me and tell me to quit. I think of quitting many times but I didn't. the reason is because of money that I have paid, and I have come all this way from know nothing until learn all the driving technique. If I give up, the money , the time , the effort I put on this will be wasted.

When I was looking at the daily bread yesterday, it teaches me about finishers. It says that Paul describes his life towards God as a race. A race of eternity. How many of us thinking of quit when we face something we cant complete or something hard?? Maybe we didn't quit in the end but we did think of quitting...

I am scare of failure but I scare of quitting more. When I am scare of something, I try to run away from it. When I was having physic exams soon or going to drive a car , I am scare. Scare to fail it. I think of avoid it and quit it but I cant. I already run half way in a race, I can choose to quit and get no position or finish it with last position. I will choose to finish it. How about you ? Which one will you choose when u face problems ???

May God be with us all. God bless. See you all soon.

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