Sunday, October 4, 2009

4th October - 同心合一

Today's speech is about partnership. The pastor talks about the causes that cause the members cant be united. After hearing the speech , I understand about what the pastor said about giving advise to people. When we want to advise someone , we dun use a nice voice and we dun listen to their story completely before we give them our advice. Most of us will just direct scold or speak out our opinions without considering about their situations.

So we really need to fully understand the situation of the people and listen completely to their story before we react or give advise. Plus, we can go near to them , sat beside them and talk to them in a patient and nice tone. They will feel more comfortable and are more likely to listen to our opinion. If we just simply scold them, they will close their ears and refuse to our advise.

People keep saying me emo these few days when hanging out with them. I dun think so cause I dun have any better to talk with them. I dun have jokes to make them laugh and I am not that humor like others. So just have to be quiet. If really want to have a reason, then there are three reasons. 1- something related to a boy and a gal makes me sad.. 2nd is about the things pastor said. She told us once about THINK before we talk. Is it T-truth ? H-helpful? I-inspire ? N-necesary ? and K-Kind ? 3rd is because I have nothing to said about .. Completely speechless..

I love the quote of the pastor today that is sort of like "The true comfort is not with sweet and nice words but to speak and care with all our heart." ^^
Thx for looking at the post ... Sch reopens tml so have a nice time in sch to all.. And see u all soon .. Take care... By "VCD" de Jun.. XD

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