Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The book I just found online ...

Today's post, I want to introduce a book that I download from the internet. I just started to watch the first few page of it but it really attracts my attention. The book's name is "我爱上了一个女孩".

I found this book through a website my cell group leader give to me a couple of months before. This book is mainly about letters between a christian and his pastor. The christian and his engaged wife felt that the advices and the teaching in the letters can bring a lot of benefits to the readers especially teenagers and their desire of love. So they decided to publish to the public through this book to benefit the readers.

I just saw the first few pages of the book so I still not familiar with the whole happening. I feel that among the few pages of the book, there is a few parts of it I like. I wish to share with you all who
watched this blog post. Note: These are letters between them and they did not think of publishing them when they wrote it.

There is a describe of love and death. "Love is as strong as death"(Song of Songs 8:6) . Both of them share one similarity, that is they both can't be tried earlier. Due to this element, they both hold power. The book mentioned a nice example for this statement. "Do you think you can experience death through deep sleep ??" Cause love is the same. We can't experience love by just touching. It requires a higher and different condition.

The christian asked the pastor " Is it possible to fall in love with several female at a time ?" The pastor's response is "No". He explained that needs to depend on the definition of "love". The love mentioned in the bible is both physically and spiritual communication. We can only carry the responsibility of loving one girl only. According to the pastor, the bible give a meaning to the word "marriage". "
因此人要离开父母,与妻子(单独)联合,他们(双数)就成为一体". Since we become a single body, he decribe husband as "head" and wife as "heart" . We can't have two hearts or two heads in a single body or else we are considered as mutants.

I might continue to post about that book for a while since this is really a nice book to look at. I would recommend you go download it online as it will eat up a lot of your computer memory (288kb) and here is the link "

I hope you all can enjoy this book as much as I do as this book uses some of the knowledge in the bible to teach us about how to love people, making them happy instead of hurting them. That's all for me today. God bless you all. Hope to see you guys and ladies soon. ^^

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