Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My turn ..

Today is the second day of the school reopen and today is also my turn to write something on the blog for our cell group.. ^^ So excited but have no idea on what to write.. So, I will write some about what have God give and change me during these few years.

Before I went to City Light, I always been a person who don't really believe in God. I sometime suspect the existence of God. Although I still sometime suspect His existence but now I have more faith in Him than I used to be. At first, going to City Light is like a punishment to me cause the speech of the pastor is quite boring. I want to sleep during the speech but I can't cause 1- I snore , 2- This is an act of not respect the elders. The only purpose for me to go to church is to make new friends especially when we are alone out here without our parents or siblings beside us.

I thank God for giving me everything I have now. I will like to thank God for meeting with Oliver, Ivy, and let me join their cell group. Their kindness make me feel that even we are not blood related, we are still one family in Jesus Christ. ^^ Thank you. It is been fun to been cell group with you guys and ladies. Now, going to church is not as bored as it used to be. Now, I will pay more attention to the pastor's speech and try to record the points. Her examples sometime really useful in life. Although I can't stop myself from feel sleepy during her speech but i try not to. I start to know more friends both from Chinese section and the English section of the church. ^^ It is really start to feel like a big family.

Thank God for saving my life once. That happened during last term of school. I was not in good mood that day so I walked home alone and refuse to join the other friends. When I was walking not far from the school, I saw the road is clear so I walked pass the road. When I walked pass the back of a car , the car suddenly backtracked. I was quite close to the car so I though I might be hit by the car. But I did not. Just few second before I got hit, I feel that something maybe the wind or someone push me and I did not got hit. But the fact, there is no one behind me for few meters. So I know that is God that saved me from been hit by the car. Similar things happened few years ago but I did not get myself deeply injured and just few scratches. Thank God for protecting me.

The first time I heard the pastor announce about the praise in union event, I was not interest and did not even want to get a ticket. Cause I don't like the tones of the worship songs so I refuse to go. In the end, I go because a girl I like invited me to go and she was also going to sing in front of the stage. So I along with few friends went to the event. I was shocked by the songs sang by Jerome and Diana at first. Cause the song they sing was full of power and I like it very much. They sing one followed by another and all are great. The performance of other churches also put an impact on me especially the mime by Camberwell youth and the intrumental version of thanks giving. Those two impress me the most. I fall in love with the worship songs after that event. Thank God for letting me know that not only the songs by idols are great, worship songs also can sound great. Although I still prefer english version of the worship songs than chinese version.

I think that is all for my post. Finally, I would like to thank God for protecting and look after every one of my family members, my friends and my classmate so they can have pleasant days and good health. I hope God can continue to guide them and lead them in their daily lives. Amen.
By Jun of "VCD"

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