Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A story I read last year...

Today I wan to tell a story I read last year.. It is post on my tuition teacher's blog.. It is about a barber and his customer talking about the existence of God. The story goes like this. It been a while since I last read the story and I almost forgot already. But I suddenly feel it a few weeks before. This story is like this.

One day, a barber was cutting a customer's hair. The below is their conversation.
Barber: Do you believe in existence of God???
Customer: Yes, I do.
Barber: Why do you believe that God exist??
Customer: Why don't I?
Barber: I don't believe in the existence of God.
Customer: Why ??
Barber: If God really exist, then there will not be so many disasters, diseases.If God exist, then there would not be so many people dying due to these disaster. If God exist, why there is nothing happen no matter how hard people pray.

The customer didn't reply him and just sit there listening to him while the barber is busy cutting his hair. After the barber finishes cutting the customer's hair, the customer went out of the shop. Just when he wanted to leave the saloon, he saw a beggar with a long beard on the opposite street. The beggar's hair and beard is long and untidy. The customer said loudly: I don't believe that barber exist.
The barber become angry and question him why he said so ...
The customer replied him : If the barber really exist there would not be any people with long and untidy hair or beard like the beggar in the opposite street. The barber become speechless and go back into the saloon..

After reading the story, I learn something. The way that God plan and work is different from us. There are disasters and diseases all over the world, but God always placed savers to save people from disasters, donate money , help to rebuild the house. There is always doctors to cure and save the injured patients. Whenever there is a problem, God always planned a solution for us.

A lot of things happened to a friend of mine. First is that one of her tortoises went missing. Her dad buy two new one for her. After few days, all of them went sick. Today, all of them pass away. One of them even died by her hands. After chatting with her for a while, she cried for two hours and she was starting to discuss about raising rabbits. It is good that she get over it so fast. May God let her tortoise rest in peace. May God be with you all. Happy holiday. Take care.

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