Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Something stroke me...

Actually, I am out of idea to update the post. I just want to share with all of you something that stroke in my mind today. I write a status update on facebook about " Our heart is like diamond. We can only been hurt by another diamond. The decision is on our hand to hurt and destroy or to protect and cherish the one we care."

That quote stroke me in the mind few days ago when I was watching a entertainment show. Cause I think that the only thing that can hurt our heart is the mistake made by another heart from another person. The same thing goes to diamond being the hardest metal in the world. Only diamond can craft and cut diamond.

Well, the real thing that stroke me is the link between that quote and God. Cause I just think that why God created us ?? He gave us heart and wisdom. If heart is the diamond then the wisdom maybe is ring. That comes to my mind with a linkage. Here goes.

God gave us heart like diamond. It is nt born perfect. Like a diamond is not found perfect in natural. It is need to be crafted and cut with another diamond before it can be sold. It is also the same for our heart. Our heart needs to experience the process of loving, sad, hurt, care, betray, and many other actions or feelings that can make our heart grow, like a diamond been crafted.

About the wisdom, we gather knowledge, improve, learn to praise and worship God, like a ring is been made slowly. It grows longer as we praise Him , worship Him, gloried His name. He hold us in His hand no matter how we look. He love us, care for us. When the diamond(heart) is covered by mud(sin), He send rain (Jesus) to wash over the mud(sin). We are like the diamond in His hands, always care, love, protect, and accompany us to been through all the process of crafting of us that He set up for us to allow to become the diamond, the heart and the person He wanted us to be.

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