Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hang out

Today is the first time we V.C.D go out together since we all come back to sibu. But it is also the last time we can be together for a long time. The next time we all can go out is at june or july... We have lots of fun eating, chatting, and some bowling...
Thank God for bringing us together before deric goes out. He is going back to melbourne this thursday.

Wish God can accompany him and guide him a safe trip and with his life, relationship, homework, studies and friendship. May God bless him. Our miss dao, also is feeling unwell, so hope she recover soon and hang out with us again. Also good luck with her in her work and life. ^^

This year we are all going to walk on seperate ways. Thank God for a such happy holiday for us all and give us chances to meet and hang out with each other. Maybe we will face depress, pressure, but I pray to God hope He can guide us all. We will meet again soon in Melbourne. May God be with you all, and see you all. Take care guys and ladies.

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