Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Internet friend.

I just saw a entertainment show. The topic is about been cheated on internet. Many celebrities got cheated online. No matter is due to kindness, lust or others.

Been cheated online is a everyday matters. We can seen it on news almost every day. There is many people online everyday and the chances been cheated also is high.. Thank God for letting us avoid been cheated online. Instead, I want to thank God that I meet few nice sisters online. Maybe they are not real, maybe I am been cheated, but they don;t have ask for anything. Just make friends, and talk about each other. I glad that I meet them cause they are nice person that help me a lot. I meet one of them in person. And who knows, she turn out to be a sister of my sis's boyfriend. We meet few times and hang out few times. I have fun but we are in different places. She at KL, I am at sibu.

There is a lot of people been cheated but there are also good people on the internet. Maybe we never meet before, but we still share a common friend, God. God let us meet for a reason.

Tis thursday is Ivy's birthday. It is also few of my friends and my sis birthday. I here wish them early happy birthday and wish God be with them and guide them.

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