Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Question....

Recently, many things happened as always. Friends going to Melbourne, help out my parents. The only thing special is that I finally got my P license. Thank to God.

Few days ago, a question strike me. The question reappear in my mind again when I remember a christian songs name "Offering" .. The question is every one of us have shadow. Shadow is black, always beside us. There are few things that we cant get rid of. God, Satan, Holy spirit, Our soul and Our shadow. Is shadow sort of a represent of our sin, soul. We are all human being. No matter how good we are, how good we behave, we will never totally get rid of our sin and prevent ourselves from committing sins. Shadow reminds us that we are human, we made mistake. We will hurt/harm people without notice. That is why we need to learn to forgive others when they made mistakes. Cause we're not perfect.

Why do I said that the question about shadow related to the song " Offering" ? Cause there is a part of the lyrics is " There is no shadow in Your present" I remember that many pastor told us that if people are not clean, we cant enter the God garden. I direct translate from chinese which is “人若不是圣洁的,就不能进主的院”. Since no shadow will show up in God's present, then is it mean that shadow is a represent of our sins ???

That is a question for me. I hope you guys can answer me .. Thank you. I will tell u again if The answer strike me... May God bless you all. Have a nice day. ^^

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