Sunday, February 14, 2010

2009 to 2010

2009 is been a year of growth for me. I been to Melbourne, a city I hardly know about it to study for a year. I meet Deric,Amelia, Calvin, Karen when we reach KL. They are nice and treat me well.

For the year 2009, I learn to live alone, to make new friends even thought we're from different countries, learn to do things by myself and etc. Maybe that is what we call fate. I went to church and learn more about God. Learn to pray for others, pray before having foods, learn about few words in the Bibles.

I can't imagine my life without going to Melbourne and meet u all. 18 years old is the most unforgivable year for me. It is the first time friends gifted me, celebrate birthday for me, first time I can help people, saved by God. Although I changed in the second semester but the friends didn't leave me. They were by my sides all the time without me notice. I nearly lose a good friend forever. Thank to God that I manage to hold him back after that incident. We had a lot of fun together.

Now in the year 2010. I am not going to Melbourne but instead, I go to KL. A place that is different from them. Most of them already gone to Melbourne to start preparation while there are still few still stick around in Sibu for New year.

Tomorrow is the big day. The Chinese New Year. Thank God for guiding us peacefully last year and hope God can continue to guide us tis year. Wish u guys and ladies all the best. Dun forget to continue updating the blog. ^^

God bless you all.

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