Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hang out with friends.

Its nice to hang out with friends. Hang out with them to visit other friend's house during the chinese new year and collect ang pao. But the important thing is not the money or the ang pao. Is tat we can hang out, talk about our life recently during this period and keep in touch with friends. Its weird cause I seldom have the chance to hang out with friends to go their house like today. Tomorrow maybe can go to another group of friend's house, but my friend told me that the cars are full and not enough for me to join. So I might go to watch movie with other friends.

It's God's arrangement. If tomorrow last minute there is some space for me to go ,then i might follow them again. This friday my friend is going back to KL. I on the other hand, will be going to KL this Sunday. It strange how you will feel when u know a friend you can't meet is still in the same town as you or in a different town. When a friend of mine went to Melbourne yesterday, I feel like missing her lot. Before she goes, I miss her but not as much as I miss her now.

Is it a type of exam from God too ? To practice myself to be a better me?? I don't know. I can only continue walking forward and pray that God is always with me , by my side.

Today, I meet miss dao at a friend's house. What a surprise.. Its been a while since i last saw her... XD. Wish her and you all the best. God bless you. ^^

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