Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Place, New School, New Life...

Today is the first day of the orientation.. I went to the school with my friend. After few turns in the school, I finally found the multipurpose hall... I went in , sign my name and find a seat to sit down. Thank God that I meet a girl that is from Miri.. We chat during the orientation so the period is not that boring.

I had a 3 hours lunch break. The first 30 minutes are boring but thank God, I meet her and her friends. We had lunch and hang out and have few walks and went to the student section together to chat longer and get to know more of each other.

I feel grateful to my God for sending me such companions to me during the first day of my uni life. I prayed the God will continue to guide us all in our uni life, our daily life, and our future. Emmanuel.

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