Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New beginning....

Hello, every one. How are you all been recently ?? Its the start of the new year and new university life for most of us.. Is it still going well to you all in both university life and spiritual life???

Entering university is a new life stage of most of us. We are all separated from all of our pre-U friends and into university to know more new friends. Both local and foreign.... I think it harder for us who study uni in a different places than our pre-u... I had no friends here in my university and I need to start all over again to make new friends, new friendship, new buddies. God is with us all the time. Whenever we need Him, He is beside us. No matter where we are, we will find friends, brothers and sisters as God is every where. I know the starting of a new life is difficult, we will miss the old days where we can hang out with plenty of buddies, joking around, laughing around.. I miss you all there. Is really hard to be alone here. And life is kinda dull without you all around me.... I still hope to wish you all the best. No matter how far we are.

The ocean can separate us from meeting, the barrier between us can stop us from knowing each other. But our heart will always stay together, no matter how far and how fast the time passes.. God will always be with us and accompany us. God bless you all. ^^

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