Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The most enjoyable day

Its another Tuesday again. Time passes so fast. It feels like only yesterday i just update the blog and now is my turn again. How are you all in the passing week ???
I just had the most enjoyable day of my new life.

Its the most enjoyable day indeed. God has lead me through a such happy and safe day. I went to school for one lecture and the lecturer was funny although the lecture stuff is still boring. After the lecture, I went out to sing K and have fun with my newly known classmates plus buddies here. I met lots of angels when I go Melbourne, and I also met lots of angels here. Thanks to God for sending so many angels to accompany and assist me along the way.

After the last year's event, I already learn my lesson well from my friends. I learnt my lessons and I strike to correct it and be more interactive with people. There are a lot of angels around us but they don't come as angels instead they come as strangers.Some times we need to be active and find these angels ourselves. In KL, I already found some of them. I hope in the future I can found more of them. Deric, I miss u a lot and I'll always to be smiling to people. Sometimes, when Im tired, I wish to take down that mask and let myself to totally alone for a few moments. Cause we all know, we cant be smiling all the times, otherwise people will think we're insane. There is a time for everything. My smile got its time and it will sure be true and faithful smile cause there so many angels around me , I dun have to use fake smile on them. I hope you can get the point of what I mean. If u think im wrong and need to wake up again, then u're welcome to find me anytime and give me life lecture. ^^

As to other cell group members, I wish u all the best and may God be with u all always. Emmanuel. Keep in touch and be sure to drop by this blog and update this. Cause this blog is not juz a blog, it is our blog and we will always stay connected on this blog no matter how far we are, where we are...

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