Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Practical days....

Thank God for taking good care of us no matter how far we are from each others. How are you all lately ???? How school ??? Its been few weeks already. Have you know some new friends and meet some old one ??? How is the new environment to most of you ??

Mine is starting to get downhill actually. Starting to get more and more works.. Although most of the work now is the practicals, but none of them is easy task compare to Pre U. We have three hours time to complete a chemistry experiment and we just barely finish the experiment by the last minute. Luckily, the teacher gave us a chance and hand in tomorrow instead of today. Cause according to the rules, all our practical report and need to be hand in after the practical section is over.. Although I manage to finish most of it along with the help of my partners, there are still few question that im complete clueless on .. I hope God can give a guide on these questions.

That is basically about me for now.. There is another practical tomorrow so Im going to prepare well for that.. How about you all ??? Its been a while since I last heard from some of you. I am wondering how you all have been ??? Wish you all the best in your new school life and careers. ^^ God bless us all. ^^

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