Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Truth moments..

My result is coming out in another 4 hours but I can't stay up to wait for it.. I'm scare that this result will be bad.. Cause I didn't manage to finish one of the papers.. Hope can get a pass on that subject.

How are you all ??? Any new stuff that can come share on this blog since this is the where we do so. It's really been a long while to heard from most of you..I hope everything goes well for u all... ^^ Any prayer lists can list down here...

Ee ling chuan dao already back to Malaysia.. And She miss Melbourne a lot(seen in facebook) ^_^

So fast. I will be in Melbourne next week and start my school the week after. Time sure pass by fast.. And I think most of you are having holidays while others going to start school soon.. Wish you all the best.. I will continue to pray for you all. Wish to see you all soon.. God bless you all..

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