Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Confusing and yet struggling.

Hello, every one.. Now is my holiday in my hometown.. i'm quite enjoying it but yet I still miss my friends in aus and in KL. I had quite a lot of fun with my friends here and enjoy myself.It is starting to confuse me about my flight to KL and flight to melbourne.
Flight to Melbourne have been decided... It is the same flight with deric.. However, my flight to KL is the one I'm confusing.. It will waste quite some money if i change the time... If I dun change the time, I will go KL earlier and spend few days there.. It might be boring... I'm really confused.. I pray for God's guidance.. Now I starting to lose myself mentally...

In the past, I have learnt that God is beside me.. I learnt to be in His guide, to live with happiness in sad events. But when it comes to these struggling events, I dun have any ideas on how to deal with it. He has given me a lot.. Changed my life.. Give me guidance, friends, leaders, and all the things around me... I still cant stop complaining even though I know that is good for me.... I just hope everything will pass soon ....

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