Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Point of view...

Hello, every one .. How is it been for you all ??? Some of you already finish their exams and having holidays by now while some still strike for their goals in exams.. There are also plenty of you still having assignments to rush.. Pray to God that He will provide us with wisdom and guide us through as we prepare ourselves to face the world...

Recently, I have been hanging around more with my church friend than my sch friend as we are having exams and only see each other during exams. I had faith station hang out last Thursday to Subang Empire where we enjoy ourselves there. I had follow my church friends to have supper and dessert after the service on Saturday night. They are all so friendly and humor. I had a lot of fun hanging around with them. It is nice knowing them all.

As for Sunday, my faith station leader, Samuel, brought me out for a dinner nearby. He ask along two church friends to accompany. We sat around there and they ask me about my life. To get to know more about me and teach me more about God's words. I learn a lot more than i used to be in church service. They give me a Gospel of John and pray with me for a commit prayer. I learn a lot from them. Although this sunday, I'm going back to Sibu, I feel that I will miss here a lot. I will the FCC, the people here and the buddies here.. Hope to see you all again in July.. ^^

Miss dao already been at Melbourne for a week.. I hope you all treat her well.. Otherwise, will complain one oo.. haha.. Wish you and your family have fun there, miss dao.. Hope to see u soon in church and in Sibu.. ^^ Wish you all the best there. ^^

I'm going to stop here. Wish u all the best there there. I will pray for you all. Hope to see u all in Melbourne soon.. Deric, Amelia, Penny, Karen, Calvin, Ivy, Oliver, Wan qie, Connie.. See you all soon.. Take care.. God bless you all. ^^

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