Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Late update..

It's Wednesday. I didn't manage to update the blog yesterday because too lazy.. How are you all ?? I just finish my first exam paper yesterday.. It was not hard but the answer really need to think a lot and apply all basic concepts. I was wondering will i pass that course cause it is a compulsory course and I don't think i did well...

I have become lazy recently after the study break.. Even don't want to go to church. And now the situation is like last year. I'm about to leave KL for a while and wouldn't be seeing all the church friends in a while. So wanna go and bet farewell to them..

Last Thursday, I attend the faith station of my church. It reminds me of the ivy's cell group in melbourne.. We gather around, sing songs, talk about bible words and pray for each other needs. We're talking about our poor areas.. Which is not include financial.. Many of us share our poor areas.. Mine is the connection and the bond between me and God. The lack of faith in Him is my weakness and my poor. Pray that I can develop to have tight bond with God..

How about you all ?? I know some of you still having exams while others already finish theirs. All the best to those still having exams and happy holiday to those having holiday.. Ee ling chuan dao should be there by these few weeks.. Hope you all can bring her around the city and the tourist sites when have the time.. ^^
Wish you all the best.. Good luck. God bless you all.. ^^

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