Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Study Break..

Hello, everyone.. How are you all ??? I think is in the middle of exam period, many of you going to be stress.. I'm having my study break for a week. Although it should be used for revising and studying for the exam, I notice that I have no mood at all to study.. I'm still the old lazy and last minute type me...

Recently, I'm been attend to a church service in both english and chinese. The pastor mention about prayer partner and the salvation by Jesus Christ. The talk was quite touching by the pastor. He suggest us to find a prayer partner who we both pray for each other need and difficulty. The prayer partners are also to give us faith in God when facing temptations.

Last week, I went for a faith station of a church. The leader told us on the offering and meaning behind the offering. He share with us an experience of his own. He was from a medium wealth family. When he reaches the age for getting a car license, he can't go and have his license because his family financial cant support him to do so. So he went to working and earn the money himself. When he finally earn enough money, he heard a voice telling him to offer all his license money to the Lord. He struggle for a while and then he offered it to the Lord as offerings in teh church. After he offers the money, his aunt called to ask his mum whether he have a driving license or not.. The mother's ans is no cause not enough money to support him to do so. His aunt said that she will support the money for him to go and have a driving license..

One thing the pastor mention is worthy to share. We pray to God and wish for a solution or a route to solve our problems or our needs. We always expected God to do it in the ways we predicted. God fulfill our needs and solved our problems but not always through the way we expected.

That is all for my sharing for this week. Wish you all the best in the exams and assignments. ^^ Take care all.. All the best. God bless you all. ^^ May the God be with you all. ^^

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