Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Normal week.

Some say normal is the best.. DO you all agree with that ?? True, normal can be dull but it is something called peace that is given by our God Himself.. Although life is peace,but the heart is not peaceful. Thinking of all the stuffs that are yet to be happen. Finals is coming, the ticket to Melbourne is yet to be confirm and still got lots of things to do before going for my study break which is next week. I haven't been finding you all lately.. Sorry.. Maybe is the time we online is different.. After a few weeks, Miss Ee ling will be at Melbourne with you all. I hope she and her family have a nice trip there.. Pray to God that He will guide her and her family..

Im sure you will all have fun there with Miss Ee ling around.. ^^ How are you all there ?? All busy rushing assignments? Busy doing revision for the upcoming exams ?? Or both ??? Pray to God that He will guide us all and give us wisdom to face those exams.. I start went to church with my friends and go fellowship with friends few weeks ago. I went for the english service which i never went before.. So it is a new experience to me.. The fellowship however is chinese and i meet a lot of friends. Majority of it is from Sibu, Sarawak.. The english service however majority is from Sabah.. I learn a lot from them and learn about Abraham and his journey this two weeks.. ^^ I hope you all learn things too from God words. ^^

Hope to see you all soon. Wish u all the best there. ^^ God bless you all. Hope to heard from you all soon. ^^

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