Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Special day..

Today is the special day for me and it falls on tuesday this year which is my turn to update blog. Today is the day God decide for my mum to give birth to me... ^^ And here i am.. Living healthy and happily under His care and guidance.. ^^ This is all His blessing to me.. Not only raise me, take care of me , but also make a lot of friends for me.. I receive approx 100+ birthday wishes.. ^^ Gt long lost friend's, new friends, and of coz best buddies along with housemates. ^^. Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes.. The best gift i have received is all my friend and buddy's wishes and a new phone.. ^^

This week was quite a bz week last week.. But this week is less stress since most the assignments ad hand in.. Left few more then finals. Wish us all the best. Cause I know many of you all having exams around june to july.. Wish u all the best.. God bless you all. ^^ Let us all do our very best in the finals .. And i will be in Melbourne around 8 of july.. if possible , i would like to find u all out to have a meal or stuff. After all, its been ages since i last see you guys.. ^^ I hope we continue to pray to God and learn more about His words.. ^^

That is basically all for today. Wish u all the best ^^ Good luck there. take care. Btw, Connie's birthday is around the corner if you all remember.. Its the 3rd of june.. Wish her an early happy birthday. ^^ God bless you all. ^^

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