Friday, May 21, 2010

Sorry for the late update.

Hey all. Sorry for the late update this week. Tuesday suppose is my turn to update and I wait until now . Really sorry. I was busy with my big project this whole week. Just finish hand in the project so I though that I might as well update now.. XD

How is your week going ? Busy ??? Having holiday ?? Did you fall sick ?? Recently flu is quite serious here, hope Melbourne there will be better. This is a busy week and i feel lucky in the unlucky events.. Many unfortunate happen , but good thing that God bless me and guide me through. He bring me pass through those moments and make me feel better when i was down... He somehow cheer me up in my heart. Every time I wanna give up, wanna cry, i feel a power, a spirit that inside of me cheering me up.. Makes me realise and see the God light again.. Thanks to God..

Basically that is all for my week. I wish to hear from you all soon. I know that many of you are like me having assignments and having finals soon.. Good luck to you all.. Wish you all the best. ^^ Hope to see you all and hear from you all soon. Good luck to you all. God bless you all. ^^

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