Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lucky week....

Hey, everyone. How are you all there?? Everything still going fine there ??? I think some of you are going to having exams or mid term exam soon. I wish you all the best and God bless you all. ^^

It has been a lucky week for me . Almost everything turns out different than what I expected. Starting last Wednesday, I feel like many unlucky things happena around me until now. But out of those unlucky things, there is always a lucky thing happen after it. After walking in the rain for 3 times on Thurs and Fri, I fall sick in the Fri night. My brother bring me to visit the doctor even though I refuse to. After having the pill and a good night sleep, I feel much more better on Saturday.. But after coming from school that day, I fall sick and have fever again so I basically sleep for the whole afternoon and didnt do anything including my assignments. Then Sunday come and my housemate bring my to buy a new phone as my old one ad broken down.. Cant see the screen and many buttons cant be pressed. I like it very much although it is expensive around 900+. Thank my mum for approval although i said at first is around 700-800. Monday is quite a tiring day as i stay back after class with my bio group to edit our video assignment. We put 8 hours of efforts in it and finally it is done.. Although my group mate tell me is not very good cause some part of it interacted.. But overall is ok ... Now I have rush my written assessment for tml .. Have to complete it by tonight and hand it soon before tml .. Otherwise, i will lose 7% of the final marks.... Pray to God that He will guide me and others who are also working on same thing.

That is basically my week. Im still have sorethroat so many things cant eat.. T^T ... Hope it will recover soon.. Wish u all the best there. ^^ I will be seeing you all in July. ^^ God bless you all. Take care there. ^^

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