Wednesday, May 5, 2010

C F Day

Today is Tuesday AGAIN.. And today is the first day of CF ( Christian Fellowship) in my school that all the people from all campus gather here. I meet a lot of new friends, and praise the Lord with them and have fun with them.. The theme of the month is change.. How to change ourselves to become a better person in Christ life and in reality. The three "MIT" to our breakthrough..

1) Admit. Admit the false doing that is done by us.. We tend to cover up the things we did wrong and slowly we become expert in covering things up.. The first part of a better life is to admit our wrong doing and not covering it up.

2) Submit. Submit is like open the door for the feedback of our wrong doing to come. After we admit our wrong doing, we need to accept what comes after it no matter what kind of situation comes after it..

3) Commit. We have to commit ourselves to God. ^^

Wish u all the best there. ^^ God bless you all. And we will meet in July. ^^

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