Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tiring day....

Hello, everyone. How is your day ?? Everything still going well there ? I have been busy with the assignments and tests.. But yet , I still dun have the mood to do it all even though it will be hand in soon.

Today is a really tiring day. Since one of practical have been postpone to this thursday, I think this two weeks will be more tiring. Today my group mate and I went to Kuala Selangor which is around 2 hours ride by car to interview an expert on the video assignment we're doing. This is quite tiring as the trip itself is tiring enough. It took us few hours to interview the expert and it took us less than half an hour to finish it. Although I shake a lot and move around lot when holding the cam , but it finally finish. Its tiring so we just went home after that.. I was sleeping during the whole trip.. Thank God for the safety and the progress of the video assignment. Although I want to sleep until tomorrow, but i have a report that needs to be hand in on Thursday and a test on Friday. Hope everything will go well and pray to God for His guidance.

I decided to go to Melbourne to play for a week or so during my semester holiday. I will going around the same time as Deric which is around 5-8 july. I will want to find all of you and hang out for a short while to have a short gathering. ^^ Pray to God that my wishes will come true and He will continue to guide me through.

Wish you all the best there. I think most of you are busy with your assignments and works.. God bless you all.. Emmanuel. ^^

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