Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another week pass by.... Time pass so fast..

Hello, every one.. How is your week ?? Fun? stress?? Do you all enjoy your week even though it maybe be hard and stress?? I just happen to finish one of my mid term test today.. Although the questions are not that hard, some of them are confusing... But i think manage to have a pass for it.. I still have assignment to due this friday and I haven start on it.. Hope God can guide me through those questions and did my best for the assignments.

I was quite thankful to God. At least our teacher was asking us to catch cockroach and dissect it .. Luckily, the teacher changed it to grasshoppers... I was scare of cockroach. Now need to put more effort as this week still gt one assignment, and next week gt another mid term test... I'm also going to have my MQA tomorrow, which I am totally clueless about it... Its like they did survey by interviewing us by both individual and group.. I got arranged to individual.. Will feel scary.. Hope God can guide me tomorrow as Im completely clueless about it ...

How about you all?? I heard from Oliver today.. Quite happy coz its been a while since i heard his news. I also heard from Calvin.. ^^ How about you all ?? Hope your all doing fine over there.. If there is anything need to pray for, can leave a comment here. ^^ God bless you all. See ya.. ^^

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