Monday, October 12, 2009


The pastor told us that we need to rely on the God to stand steadily in our lives especially our religions. Once upon a time, there were two army battles to possess an artifact named "Three Head". Once one of the armies possesses the artifact, they still can't lay down their guard as the others might come and stole the artifact. We always think that we are doing a good job but in fact if we don't stay alert, we will fall down easy. Once we fall down, it is not easy to get up in short time.

According to the pastor, there is a common mistake in history of every church and the mistake is also happened in other community such as companies. This mistake is the noncooperation. Every one of us has different opinions in every aspect of lives. Some of us may have the similar opinions, but not all of us do. Although our final target is the same, we will have different opinions in the same aspect and sometimes, we just refuse to agree with others. We always think that our opinions are better but we did not consider the whole situation including why others think their opinion is better than us. This is what causes the noncooperation among us and our communities.

We should learn to forgive others' mistake. We always spread the bad deeds of a people with our own words. The deed maybe minor but it will remain in us for a long time and blind our eyes in judging that person's personality. The result is fatal as it will not only affect him, it will also affect those around him. No one in this world is perfect except for the Lord Himself. We should observe ourselves and realize our weakness before we judge others from our point of view. For us to be really happy, we should rely on God and use true faces when we are together with others. God don't want us to put on mask when we try to comfort and communicate with others. We should pray to the Lord and hope that we can use our true heart to the fullest to care for others instead of putting a fake mask.

We should learn to leave our problems to our Lord and let Him to lead and guide us the way to the solutions instead of having the problems back to us the moment we leave the church. We should only do the things that meet the requirement of the things mention in Philips 4:6-9. For those out of that failed to meet the requirement mentioned, we should avoid it. They act like filters to protect us. Like the water we drink, we use filter to ensure that the water we drink is clean and free from harmful substances. Without these filters, we can get sick easily as the water maybe full of illness bacteria, like our mind been polluted by the present world.

Finally, we should be graceful and cherish what we had now. We all have greed and wished for more once we get hold of what we wanted. For me as example, I always wanted to have a girlfriend cause I am tired and sick of all the couples friends beside me. I feel that I am the lonely one but I knew that I have to cherish what I have now. I have a family that loves me, friend that are willing to lend me a hand whenever I need them, and God who never stop loving me even though I did a lot of things that put shame to His name. Although, sometimes I can't stop myself thinking of those things, I don't want it to take control of my life. I hope you all can do it too ... ^^

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