Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New housemate.

Its been another week pass by already. How is this week been for you guys and ladies ??? Next week is Easter holiday. Most of us are having holiday next week. Have you all make your plan for the holiday already ???

It will be a busy week for every one i think.. As holiday approach, the lecturers will give more assignment to keep us accompanied. I myself have two assignment that need to be hand in this Friday and I still having problems in doing them. Wondering will I be able to finish on time or not. Pray for God's guidance. Last week, my apartment have a new housemate moved in. To me , the new housemate look like Oliver. Maybe i miss Oliver too much.. He acts like Oliver, laugh like Oliver and even behave like Oliver. Wondering when will I be able to meet you all again....

Recently, Im quite emo at home and usually update my facebook status. Im glad that God send me different people I lost contact for few months to cheer me up. Ee ling chuan dao, Sharon jie jie.. Thank u so much. ^^

Thank you all for the short time here on the blog. Wish u all the best. God bless you. ^^

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