Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fun group assignment trip..

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. How are you all recently??? Happy Easter to you all. I hope you enjoy a pleasant weekend. I think most of you are having your school holiday week now.. Hope you all enjoy your holiday.

I'm quite good. Our course had a field trip to secondary forest protection area last sat. It was quite tiring and not much fun.. Plus we need to rush our assignment that day too.. But thanks to God, we manage to finish it all in the same day and have bit fun for our own after that...

Yesterday, me group and i went to Kuala Selangor for our video documentary assignment on firefly and mangrove destruction. It turns out not bad. Although the trip is quite tiring since we have to walk in the forest for the first few hours, but the view is outstanding. Wish u all can see it too.. I will upload some of the view picture on facebook. Hope you all can drop few comments. Thanks. We stay until 7.30 pm for our video on firefly. But the surrounding is too dark for our handycam to record it. But that is price of it. The views are fascinating. Its was like small twinkling stars on the trees. Or what they said Christmas in summer. If there is a chance, you should go and see it. You would not regret it.

I almost forgot. Today is Brenda Wong's Birthday. Here wish her all the best in the life there and have a happy happy birthday. ^^

That is basically all for this week. I'm continue update next week. Wish u all have a happy holiday and enjoy yourself while studying.. ^^
God bless you all. Emmanuel.

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